It;s Psyche................again.

Well......it's about time" I said to myself as I opened my e-mail account this morning to find a message that read "Anonymous had left you a comment on Blogger". Feeling very smug & self-patronizing I typed Blogger into my search engine, patted myself on the back & clicked the link. "Somebody actually reads this blog?" I thought to myself as I read the message left. It was on an entry (a quick entry I will add) on The Rhino 4 CD box set "Real Life Permanent Dream". This is what was left............


As I stared at the message left 2 thoughts passed through my grey matter..........

1) So much for constructive critisism.

2) (Vikings chanting SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM....... over & over over again.)

Then ......... after staring at it for about 30 seconds I was able to understand what was written.
itspsycheforum = It's Psyche Forum. It was a link to a psychedelic forum. & oh what a forum it is..........


  1. Hi,

    I'm the owner of the It's Psych forum. I'm not sure who posted that message but I'm sure that wasn't their intent. I can assure you that you're more than welcome in our little Technicolor community any time you want. :)


  2. Hello Jon............

    Foolishly I have assumed that no one actually reads this blog. Just because no one leaves me a comment is no reason that no one is actually reading....right? Thank you for your offer. You are most kind. Unfortunately I have received this comment late in the day as the forum looks to have been forcefully removed from existence. Please keep me posted (if you can) on the whereabouts of your forum. It does seem utterly delightful even if a tad short on information. (I need info....INFO I TELL YOU!!!!) (Shaking hands angrily at the gods that be.......)



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